Search Engines

This section covers SEO ideas and techniques related to the Search Engines. Search Engines are the most important source of targeted traffic to any website. There are many Search Engines on the Internet, of which Google is the most important, and most of them work the same, but there are several differences.

Search Engines

Because search engines are so essential for SEO you should understand how they work, what they do and, most importantly, how to influence their results.

The following articles may help you:

A tutorial on how to use the robots.txt file.
Submitting to
Submitting to Chinese Search Engines is useful to get that little extra traffic.
SE Click-through percentages
This article gives insight into the numbers, relative percentages, statistics and pitfalls of search engine...
Noindex,Nofollow not Working
Yahoo and several other search engines donít remove the page containing noindex or nofollow from their index.

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