Overture Tool not updated!

As you might know it's May...
Something you might not know is that the Overture Keyword Selector Tool you may have been using is still showing January's search counts. This is probably another sign Yahoo is dropping the tool.

Overture Tool not updated!

Usually Overture, now Yahoo Search marketing, updated their search counts around the 15th. The fact that January's search counts are still showing means they have not updated for 3 months now.

YSM said they were going to keep the tool live while they would start using their new keyword tool within their Search marketing Program (much like Google Adwords). And they have kept their promise, but not providing updates kind of renders the tool useless.

I find this a little bit unprofessional. I believe a lot of users are still using the tool and presenting them search counts of 3 months old isn't very cool.

Ofcourse we need to switch to the new YSm system, but why not let some intern click on the update button every month?

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