Many pages removed from Google Index

While checking my stats today I noticed a slight change in keywords used to find my pages. When checking Google I noticed my pages didn't show up any more.

Many pages removed from Google Index

I used to have about 90 pages indexed, but now I only get 3 SERPs when searching for pages indexed. I don't know how this happened, but I trust Google will find me again.

Even when searching on an entire url like: doesn't give me any results even though I was ranking #1 for DW230-SEO.

The page doesn't even show up in the supplemental results. I can understand that Google removes badly ranking pages from their index, but why remove pages that rank #1? Another fact is that the DW230 page I have is the only page on the internet with unique real content. Most pages just have crap and are automated (DW230-SEO is a popular search in China and therefore automated script create pages for it). Can't Google pick this up?

After and just before the last update many other webmasters also experienced this drop in indexed pages. Bluehat SEO noticed a similar thing just before the last update in 2006.

Is Google again preparing for an update or are they just running out of space?

Please let me know if you're experiencing the same or have any thoughts on the issue.

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