Google Adsense with scrollable ads.

Google has started providing Adsense ads that are scrollable. If there are more ads that fit in the normal ad space and are related to the content of a page, scroll buttons will appear. Allowing your visitors to find more realted ads.

Google Adsense with scrollable ads.

This new functionality obviously allows for more ads to be shown on a certain page, which could be good for the advertiser. As more ads can be viewed and thus clicked.

But, I believe internet users will have to get used to this functionality before this really starts to work. Right now I believe users clikc on ads out of inpulse, when the see an appealing text or just something they were looking for all along, but found the page displaying the ad instead.

If people will start using these scrollbars though, navigating the internet will become a lot different (and more profitable for Adsense users). People can just click on the first page on the SERP and if that page is showing ads, navigate to related sites through the new scrollable Adsense ad. Because ads are usually targeted to well defined keywords and are continuously optimized, people will find the websites the are looking for much faster, than using the SERPs.

I hope internet users will start getting used to this new Adsense feature, now let's wait for our Adsense profits to increase.

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nice tips...

hye...nice tips from ur site..hope we can get the advantage from google inc..:)

Added by: djisamsoe on: June 15, 2008 - 9:39 pm

Point of view

yes! I believe you.
internet users don't want ads and links competing against each other on their pages.

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