Loading PageRank data will get you banned!

As mentioned before, I recently recieved a new PageRank for my website. Most pages recieved a PR 3 to 5 but some pages got a grayed out PageRank Bar. Here's the reason why...

Loading PageRank data will get you banned!

All the pages that recieved a gray PageRank bar were extracting data from Google.com. Either by finding PageRank information or by finding the first listed websites from a certain keyword search.

Google doesn't restrict acces from pages doing this, but rather add's them to the 'banned' list giving them a grayed out PageRank bar in the Google toolbar.

People thus need to be aware when they are showing their website pagerank through a script run on their pages. Google may gray you out. The page will not be removed from the search index, but a gray PageRank bar never looks good.

I therefore recommend you use a different page to extract data from google and than load that data (like PageRank data) into a page that can't afford to loose PR.
Or use the SlowSEO.com PageRank bar to display your pages PageRank.

Anyway, hope this helps solving your PR problems.
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