Microsoft Analytics (Project Gatineau) Survey

Today I recieved an email from microsoft asking my input for a survey about the features I'd like to sea in their soon to be released Website Analytics System.
By filling in the survey you automatically apply for a Beta tester position (and you might win a Zune digital media player).

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Microsoft Analytics (Project Gatineau) Survey

So, I filled in the form and gave them my 50 cents about what I expect analyitical software to do for me. It's a supprisingly short survey and it wouldn't surpirise me if it was only for finding Beta testers.

They do ask some good questions though! Like:
What I dislike in my current analytic reports?
What features I find important and which I could live without?
What functions I'd like to see in Microsoft Analytics package?
Etc.. Etc..

I do find it noble Microsoft is asking me all this, but it seams all a little too late...
I mean, shouldn't this poject be launched somewhere this autumn and isn't a usability survey or wish list a little too late now? I don't know a lot about programming this kind of software, but I believe that testing takes a lot longer than, say, 4 months.

I therefore believe this survey is more for recruiting legitimate Beta testers than for gathering usefull information.

That's just my thoughts! Please prove me wrong by leaving a message.

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