Yahoo! plans for new public KW Tool

After I noticed the Overture (Yahoo!) Keyword Selector Tool hadn't been working for a week I decided to send them an email.

They replyed and I'm HAPPY!

Read about it here.

Yahoo! plans for new public KW Tool

Yahoo! support sent me the following message:

"Thank you for your e-mail, we are happy to assist you today. Yahoo! Search Marketing's public keyword research tool (formerly known as the Overture's Keyword Selector Tool- KST) continues to exist today and will continue to exist until we replace it with an improved product. Unfortunately, the responsiveness of this free tool is diminished due to the sheer volume of hits it receives each day, therefore browsers may time out and error pages may appear.

Yahoo! does have plans to offer a new public keyword research tool, which would be hosted through Yahoo!. We plan on making this new tool available later this year."

Sounds great and I can't wait for the new Tool!

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Do we know when they're gonna have the new tool online?

Added by: imjuk on: September 19, 2007 - 7:01 am

no Idea

I have no idea.This is all they said on the issue.

Added by: Willem v S on: September 19, 2007 - 8:32 am

Sounds great

We're waiting for that.

Added by: Seokohli on: September 20, 2007 - 6:57 am

I can't wait!

It sounds great! You can never have enough tools! :)


Added by: Jonathan on: September 23, 2007 - 9:19 am


Very positive reply, lets hope and keep our fingers crossed.


Added by: Mercy on: January 28, 2008 - 6:43 am

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